6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

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Dating Scrapbooks

Email Scrapbook ideas for boyfriends will memorialize your old flame creatively Scrapbooking is a crafty way to keep memories safe. Compilations of photos, movie stubs, and other oddments breathe life into days long lost to time. Honor the past, both the frogs kissed and the prince who finally completed your storybook love story, with these scrapbook ideas for boyfriend memories.

Arranging the Past Memories can be sorted chronologically in a single album, with one album per year, or you can even devote an entire book per relationship. Some boyfriends, especially the longer term romances, might have more memories to preserve. What to Include Memories encompass all of the senses; therefore, it is wise to include items that evoke as many senses as possible in your scrapbook.

Tips for A Great Wedding Scrapbook. Of course you do not want to throw the rest of the photos out, so make sure you date them and put them in a photo file. 6. Have fun. For More Wedding Scrapbook ideas: Free Shipping (orders over $75) from Scrapbook Super Center Scrapbooking Quotes.

Your album for yourself and your husband will probably be as much of a gift to your girls as well! They already know much of their own story, but they will never know yours if you do share it. Sarahloughran THis is so sweet! We have 6 kids of our own never planned that, I liked my husband WAY more than I thought I would, lol and then my brother died 10 years ago and we ended up with his 3 for several years while their mom was pulling herself together.

After the first year, we ended up going on a small trip for four days. The entire weekend then was us just dreaming together. And from then on, we carved out a few minutes a day to just talk. The other thing that was great during these years was that we got super close physically. You would think that with all 6 of the kids that would have already happened, but the lack time together in other areas kicked it up to a whole new level.

Instead of being upset about the lack of time in other areas, I decided to go with it. Now we have kids in college and still a whole houseful of teenagers at home, and Steve and I are closer than I can even believe. Anyway, the punch line of this not so quick story sorry, lol is that making time in all kinds of ways to be with husbands will keep you close. Wow, what a story! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Wedding Scrapbook Ideas – Make a Wedding Photo Album for Your Wedding

One in four households has someone who plays golf, while one in three households has someone who scrapbooks. The birth of a baby is the ideal time to start a scrapbook the baby’s firsts and pictures of the baby in special clothing or with family members are natural themes. Planning your scrapbook when you become pregnant can save you time and stress, and will help you create a lifelong keepsake for your baby boy.

Time-line For a creative beginning to the scrapbook, assemble a time-line from pictures showing the growth of the mother’s belly. Take a picture of the mother in the same location each month.

Graduation Scrapbook Ideas: Include a memorable verse or quote of the graduate. Now to the add-ons, 1” squares of graduation patterned papers were used behind the date cornerstone blocks. The blocks were treated with Tattered Angels Pearl Glimmer Mist to add a little sparkle.

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You can just as easily use a power drill. In the picture above, I wanted to show the progression of the industrial shelf from right to left, of using the bits.

Top ideas for your 2016 Christmas Kris Kringle gifts

Maritime The seagulls are squawking, the waves are crashing and the sun is shining — for the Maritime collection , happiness comes in waves. These nautical scrapbook supplies can transport you to the beach any time you look at them, and the soft and soothing colors relax you the second you lay eyes on them.

So many people spend their summer days by the water, and those days bring tons of memories with them. This collection is also good for commemorating those who serve in the Navy or the Coast Guard. People go to the sea for a multitude of reasons, and those who feel a sense of duty deserve just as much recognition in your scrapbook as your fun summertime memories. The Maritime collection keeps true to the theme of the sea while also giving you plenty of pages to cherish the strength of your loved ones who have served on the sea.

LoveBook is the most unique personalized gift idea you could ever give to someone you love. Create your own personalized book of reasons why you love someone. LoveBook is the perfect personalized gift for someone you love.

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Scrap Booking

Put that message in a bottle, and have it delivered right before the ceremony. Longs Photography Just the Two of You Exchange love letters in a location where your photographer can capture both of your reactions together, but you won’t see each other. Dianne Personett Photography Just the Two of You Spend some time in the weeks leading up to your wedding writing a series of notes for your spouse-to-be, to be opened at particular times like on your first anniversary, after your first fight, or when your first child is born.

It’s a wonderful way to memorialize how you’re feeling at a time when you can’t imagine being more in love with someone. Just the Two of You Or, send the digital equivalent of a love letter! Just the Two of You Re-create your first photo together!

Digital Scrapbooking for Mac Users If you are in the market for Mac digital scrapbooking programs, a few of your best options overlap with the list of PC scrapbooking software. Both MyMemories and Memory Mixer offer Mac versions of their programs.

By Alanna Wallace So you’ve decided on a date and booked the venue for your big day. A save the date gives your nearest and dearest time to get themselves organised, and to pop your special day in their calendar, and let the build-up to your wedding begin! Of course a text can do the job, but opting to send a more creative save the date in the post or digitally will not only get your guests excited about your wedding but it also sets the tone for your invites and your day!

Elegant nautical save the day by Magva Design and Letterpress 5. Save the date balloon cards from White Knot , how fun! Luxurious floral save the dates by Appleberry Press 8. Bespoke illustrated save the dates by Little Ivory Weddings 9. Polaroid save the dates from Papier Gold foil save the date by Ebony Letterpress

Baby Sleeping – Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas

Some children attend for a week or longer and some just one or two days a week. Therefore, we have chosen camp themes with multiple components that make it possible for a camper to have a meaningful experience no matter how long they attend. Animal Planet Have each day of your camp highlight a particular animal.

Dating is that period time where we go from awkward to comfortable. There are so many “firsts” and new experiences getting to know your partner. Creating a scrapbook album about this time will preserve those special memories of your relationship beginnings.

Spring is in full swing, fresh breeze is absolutely energizing and days are becoming longer and warmer. The only necessary thing you need to do is to cut the hole on top of the paper and pull a string through it. Everything else is up to you: How cool is that? Then you gotta love the scrapbook idea of the accordion photo album! Inspired by the shape of this musical instrument, you pull out your amazing memories from a beautifully crafted box. Hexagon Explosion Box crafts-for-all-seasons.

As the name suggests, this photo album is filled with the explosion of love and kindness. What appears to be a cute box is actually a photo album in the shape of a glamorous hexagon. Find the step-by-step instructions on this crafty website. Nature Book Photo Credits: Maria Robledo Do you love wandering around the woods or seashore and collect those little beautiful items to remind yourself of the joy from these adventures?

Then compose your scrapbook from the millimeter slide sleeves and add your favorite findings in there. Seaside flotsam, pressed leaves, or other cute pieces of the world can easily fit into the tiny pockets.

Printable Date Night Jar

This is the perfect idea to help you two celebrate the new year or an anniversary. This post contains affiliate links. Spend date night capturing your favorite moments together. Cherish each and every memory by filling out these keepsake pages that will help you remember each and every amazing moment of the past year.

Couples Scrapbook: a classic but incredibly thoughtful idea, creating a scrapbook with pictures, ticket stubs, or other pieces detailing your relationship together. Compile them in a scrapbook together to create an unforgettable Christmas gift he’s sure to appreciate!

Check new design of our homepage! This article shall furnish you with some of the best ways to make your girlfriend feel special on that day. GiftinGlory Staff Remember the day when you proposed to her and then the sweet voice of acceptance flows to your ear. Silent promises of being with each other through thick and thin, intimate moments, sharing emotions, and millions of feelings are bonding both of you till today.

It’s a beautiful experience to recollect memories after stepping steadily on the sise. So, I can guess that after completion of 6 months, you know each other quite well. Choosing a gift for your girlfriend is one of the most difficult tasks. Thousands of questions swarm into your mind about her likes and dislikes. Come on guys, these gift items are out-of-date! Won’t you like to do something that will surprise her the most?

Presents for girlfriends on 6th month anniversary should be something fresh and immemorial. Read the ideas mentioned below and find out the best one for her. The gift items should reflect love more than monetary worth and your emotions should be wrapped in it.

Themed Care Package Ideas

Decorate each page with pictures, stickers, ticket stubs, and maps of your favorite destinations together. You can also journal each page with how you felt at certain points in your relationship. Leave several pages blank for future events and activities. Memory Box Purchase a plain memory box from a craft store; a shoebox would also work. Use your creativity to decorate the box, including stickers, scrapbooking die cuts, or even decoupage. On the outside, write a love poem or quotes, or paste on your favorite picture of the both of you.

Going back, I remember when dating was uncomplicated and finding love was simple. To let a girl know that you liked her, all that you needed to do was make a mix tape -essentially a scrapbook .

Regular scissors and craft scissors that cut different style edges Ruler Pens and Markers Items to Include: Lay out all of your supplies on a large table. Start with the first page and work your way through the book. Arrange all your pages before gluing anything down. Don’t decorate the front cover until you have finished all the pages inside, because you’ll need to have your book open to work on the pages inside and the cover will get messed up.

Allow any glued items to dry completely before you place them on a page in the album. Write as neat as possible, but do not stress about sloppy handwriting. All that matters is that the messages are personal and legible. If any of your pictures are not digital then be sure to make copies of the photos that you include in your scrapbook.

21 Cool DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Romantic Scrapbook Ideas By: Helene Wecker In high school, you probably remember making mixed tapes with decorated covers for your crushes to demonstrate your affection. Use Old Illustrations or Greeting Cards. Cassette tapes may have fallen by the wayside, so if you’re looking for a handmade gift to show someone how much they mean to you, you can’t go wrong with a romantic scrapbook. Whether it is for your significant other or for your own memories, building a scrapbook is an easy, fun project that will make you feel good, too.

Printable Date Night Jar. You may want to spray paint the lid of your jar or cover it with scrapbook paper. 5. Tie your Baker’s twine around the jar and affix the label to your jar with tape or glue. If you’re interested in different date ideas or more ideas for a larger kit, you can purchase 32 more date night strips from my While.

Wednesday, January 4, Our First Year Together – Scrapbook Back in the fall of I made my husband then boyfriend a scrapbook for our first year anniversary of dating! I decided to scan it into my computer over my Christmas break to make sure we’d always have it – even if something happened to the original! And since I scanned it in, I thought I would share if any of you would like to check it out!

So, how I put it all together. I worked for WEEKS putting this all together – usually in the dorm room during the afternoons while watching Tyra with some of my friends. Then I’d have to hide it in case Kevin would come over.


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