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Celty all but snaps when she finally confronts her “head” grafted onto the body of Mika Harima during the Dollars meetup and confirms her greatest fear — that she’s never gonna get it back. She only calms down after both the reveal that it isn’t actually her head and a big argument with Shinra over where her real head is Innocent Cohabitation: It wasn’t connected to begin with, but she still wants to hold it; however it has gone missing. Motorcycle Fu Mundane Utility: This eventually starts to change when she begins coming to terms with the fact that she’s built up enough of an identity over the last twenty years that she doesn’t really need her old memories anymore. Really Seven Hundred Years Old: Celty isn’t quite sure how old she is, thanks to the amnesia, but the few fuzzy memories she does retain go back over a hundred years. Samus Is A Girl: People tend not to immediately recognize that Celty is female.

Threesome Subtext

He was the one who encouraged Mikado to come to Ikebukuro. He is enthusiastic about picking-up girls, but seems to be a failure at it. He was depressed and lonely before Mikado arrived because his girlfriend was kidnapped and injured during a gang war between the Blue Squares and Yellow Scarves, which he led at the time.

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This page is for the relationship between Anri Sonohara and Mikado Ryuugamine. They, along with Masaomi would frequently hang out after school around the city. In the light novels, after Masaomi leaves the city, Anri begins to call Mikado by his first name and the two of them begin to spend much more time together to the point where most in the school assume they have started dating.

Indeed, they have even become somewhat famous around the school for it. However, they both deny these sentiments and insist on being only friends. Romance Edit From the beginning, it is clear that Mikado has interest in being more than just friends with Anri and has made attempts to further this goal at varying points.

However, his naturally timid nature often prevents him from expressing his emotions clearly. After Masaomi leaves, Mikado decides to avoid entering into an actual relationship with Anri because he wants everything to be as it was for Masaomi when he finally returns. From Anri’s side of the relationship, it’s clear that Mikado’s admittedly somewhat feeble advances towards her are starting to have an effect as she is shown blushing during her date with Mikado in episode 25 but, like Mikado, she doesn’t want their relationship to advance too far but for reasons detailed in the section below.

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Mikado has thoughts about how he wanted an extraordinary life and decides to allow the girl to stay with him. Later, at school, Masaomi makes a list of the names of students suspected of being members of the Dollars, for the other students to vote on which people they suspect of being a part of the group. Masaomi himself placed his only vote for a student named Ryo Takiguchi. The two find him on the roof of the school building, where he admits to being a member of the Dollars.

Takiguchi adds that he was invited by an unknown text message, deciding to join for the lack of rules and hierarchy, something that the two must keep discreet.

There isn’t any end in sight, even if Mikado really tries to stay opimistic. The only way this was going to stop – at least for him and Anri – was if there was a victor. Or, if .

They might get another season, if they turn out to be popular enough. And yet most properties popular enough to get their own anime are going to be long-running manga or light novel series. So how can you adapt such a property into a series that, eventually, has to end? And if a sequel never comes, oh well. Die hard fans always have the manga or the novels.

Finally, what this show has long needed: Except the sequel never gets made. I mention all this because Durarara!! I have to admit, I did not see this coming This does set up one of the best scenes of the episode, and one of its few moments of closure. Horada tries to drive away, only to be stopped by Shizuo, who cuts off the top half of his car with a massive street sign, then throws it like a Javelin, causing an explosion that spooks Horada so much, he drives straight into the traffic cop who was introduced earlier and then ignored for the rest of the series.

This was my best attempt to capture in a still image how awesome this looks animated The other resolved plot thread is with Masaomi, who comes clean with Saki about his failure to rescue her. Finally able to put his past behind her, he drops out of school with her and leaves the city for parts unknown. Like, in a sequel or something.

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That was a truly outwardly existence. To people it is truly a different existence. A strange being deviated from the realms of common sense.

It’s summer, and Anri has begun to worry about Mikado. The popular idol Ruri has been plagued by a malicious stalker. It seems that stalker is in the Dollars. In an attempt to obtain information, Yuhei and Ruri visit Shizuo. Episode 17 (Sub) Asleep or Awake.

I don’t own Durarara or any of it’s elements. I’m just a fan. The Talk Anri and Mikado were kissing on top of her bed. Their cheeks were flushed as they kissed. It was a new experience for them both, neither had every had someone they could really call a boyfriend or girlfriend. The sensation of another lips against their own turned out to be intoxicating for the pair. Compelled by their hormone driven teenaged bodies and a variety of confusing emotions they deepened into the kiss.

Pulling away to catch their breath Mikado realized the position they found themselves in. Mikado was on top of Anri looking down to her eyes. As he looked at her he couldn’t help thinking how soft her lips were. Listing to the reasonable portion of his mind he tried to pull away but was stopped by the feeling Anri’s arms wrapped around him.

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Ayeka and Ryoko hate each other, but plenty of Foe Yay occurs in universe. Neither woman sees each other as a rival for him, instead thinking of themselves as sisters married to the same man, and their respective kids are also fine with the arrangement i. Mairu and Kururi thank Aoba with a kiss for turning in a group of bullies; Aoba has a They Are Not My Girlfriends moment when his Blue Square members refer to them as such, but turns right around and explicitly orders them not to involve the twins in the gang wars because he’s taken a particular liking to them.

Worth noting that they’ve all kissed at some point.

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One more thing, it turns out that the original Jinnai Yodogiri died but his legacy remains in Ikebukuro. Meanwhile, Izaya got stabbed by a random person. I wonder who is responsible for- Wait, I know who did it! But you know what, things would be different without Celty around as she might not save Mikado Ryuugamine from taking a bullet to the head. Yeah, the city will be boring without her… But the only person will be devastated will be Shinra Kishitani.

Despite his injuries, he wants Celty to stay in Ikebukuro because Shinra loves her very much! In any case, Celty Sturluson decides not to go back to Ireland. Meanwhile, Mikado Ryuugamine and his friends are going home and tend their wounds.

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Hilarity Ensues Despite many of the girls in the class believing this, they are off-put by an expression by a clearly perverted and weird Buddhist Monk of this philosophy in one episode. The episode deals with different things in life being “previews” for later things, and the Monk claims that standing outside of your beloved’s home is a preview for a date. His audience protests that this is just stalking.

Arguably, the series if only for Rule of Funny shows the philosophy validated. After a while, Itoshki seems completely used to Matoi following him everywhere, even into the bathroom, and is quite comfortable in one episode with her living in his home, and is also comfortable with Kiri Komori living in his closet, and she also followed him into the bathroom at least once.

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Mikado and Anri

Anri had joined out little group. Mikado and Anri were beside each other, and Masaomi and I were beside each other. It is obvious that Mikado likes Anri. It is quite funny, really.

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I don’t own Durarara or any of it’s elements. I’m just a fan. Friendship Anri and Mikado started to date, nothing much changed about the situation they spent a lot of their free time together. If anything changed they might have spent more time together and were a little less shy about touching, after what they ended up doing together it seemed silly that they would have trouble holding hands.

They did talk more frankly about their lives, Anri told Mikado more about Saika and Mikado told her about his life growing up with Masaomi in the country. Anri even finally spoke to him about watching her parents die, Mikado was noticeably shocked but he stayed there with Anri. Every night before bed they would talk to each other on the phone. Anri would also chat about her dates with Celty online and talk to Erika once in a while by phone.

Mikado wasn’t getting as good advice from Walker but it was nice to have someone to talk to. Meanwhile Shinra had bought a large safe and installed it in his apartment. He only put one thing in the safe, Saika. Saika was still wrapped up in the shadows but Shinra felt it was better not to take chances and locked it in the safe. In the meanwhile he kept an eye for anything that might sound like the slasher or Saika.

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Tons in Episode Mikado owns a Mindows 7 desktop computer that runs wbunte and uses it to visit the websites Yohoo! Tube, Nixi , and NSM, among others. That computer is a stew of Bland Name Products , let’s see

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Her friend Mika is placed in the same class but goes missing prior to the first day of school. Anri spends the first couple days of school searching for Mika and asks Seiji if he has seen her. Anri volunteers to be class representative because it’s what Mika would have done. When she unintentionally stares at Mika’s seat, Mikado, who sits directly in front of the empty seat, takes it as a hint that she wants him to volunteer as the male class representative.

One day after school, some of Anri’s middle school bullies reappear to insult her. When Mikado, Masaomi, Izaya, and eventually Shizuo become involved in what turns into a huge streetfight, Mikado grabs Anri and runs away. She befriends Mikado and Masaomi and tells them about Mika.

An Indirect Kiss!

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