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Goal of the event was to strengthen French-Dutch relations and explore new actions to accelerate Circular Economy in required cross-border efforts. The event focused on buildings and their environment. If you missed the opportunity to participate, read this blog containing an overview of the programme and the insights gained. See contact information below. The seminar started with a word of welcome by the Head of the economic department and Innovation council for the Dutch Embassy in France Nico Schiettekatte. Both the Dutch and French transition road-maps where discussed, namely the roadmap towards a Circular Economy by in the Netherlands and the intensive consultation process the French government is currently running on circular transition. Implemented in already 14 sectors by the French government and currently subject of exploration by the Dutch Government. A beautiful example of a good practice for both governments is the concept of the Green Deals. These international partnerships where discussed by the French Ministries for an Ecological and Solidary Transition and for Economy and Finance. He highlighted the running FR-NL business cooperation, also in the circular economy.

How the original Siamese twins had 21 children by two sisters… while sharing one (reinforced) bed

The Italian musician was born in Turin where his classical career began, before he moved on to create music for film with influences of pop, rock, and folk music. Einaudi began his career performing classical music in the s after training at the Conservatorio Verdi, when he began composing orchestral and classical pieces, before progressing to more main stream music heard in popular culture in the mid 80s.

As well as piano, Einaudi also plays and composes for guitar, in which he in incredibly skilled and proficient. Although Einaudi is influenced by classical artists, his style is unique with the fusion of classical and popular music bridging the gap between the two genres, making his music extremely accessible to many types of listeners.

Lexa biedt een ook matchmaking service (net zoals bijvoorbeeld eDarling, Parship of Relatieplanet). een reactie krijgt in de WhatsApp. Onze openingstijden zijn van ma t/m vr van tot uur en zaterdag van tot uur. Want lang je tanden ergens in zetten levert vaak de mooiste dingen op. Schrijf je je uit na 31 mei, dan.

Service composition has been acknowledged as a promising approach to create composite services that are capable of supporting service user needs, possibly by personalising the service delivery through the use of context information or user preferences. In this paper we discuss the challenges of automatic service composition, and present DynamiCoS, which is a novel framework that aims at supporting service composition on-demand and at runtime for the benefit of service end-users.

We define the DynamiCoS framework based on a service composition life-cycle. Framework mechanisms are introduced to tackle each of the phases and requirements of this life-cycle. Semantic services are used in our framework to enable reasoning on the service requests issued by end-users, making it possible to automate service discovery, selection and composition.

We validate our framework with a prototype that we have built in order to experiment with the mechanisms we have designed. The prototype was evaluated in a testing environment using some use case scenarios. The results of our evaluation give evidences of the feasibility of our approach to support runtime service composition. We also show the benefits of semantic-based frameworks for service composition, particularly for end-users who will be able to have more control on the service composition process.

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We are becoming the personification of a strong community where the future of our market is designed and build. Become one of our most dynamic, resourceful and imaginative exhibitors, and attract existing and future partners. Innovation will also allow exhibitors as well as visitors to boost up standards and go the extra mile becoming either by staying on top as a pioneer in Real Estate either by becoming pioneer.

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Scheduling is one of the central tasks in high-level synthesis. In recent publications a bipartite graph matching formulation has been introduced to prune the search space of schedulers.

En Kameroen beschouw ik met Ivoorkust en Nigeria tot de sterkste ploegen van Afrika. Toko Roko on December 04, , Oranje is ingedeeld in groep E en begint op 14 juni aan het WK. In Johannesburg is Denemarken dan de tegenstander, waarna op 19 juni in Durban wordt gespeeld tegen Japan. De laatste groepswedstrijd is op 24 juni in Kaapstad tegen Kameroen.

In was Kameroen niet van de partij maar de vier toernooien ervoor wel. Aan de hand van de legendarische aanvaller Roger Milla wist het in zelfs de kwartfinales te halen, waarin Engeland uiteindelijk te sterk bleek. Nederland moest het twee keer eerder opnemen tegen Kameroen.

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Martin Hundepool heeft 8 functies op zijn of haar profiel. Bekijk het volledige profiel op LinkedIn om de connecties van Martin Hundepool en vacatures bij vergelijkbare bedrijven te zien. mei – heden 17 jaar 7 maanden ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands – Matchmaking (a clear image of what does and what doesn’t fit).Title: Location lead Atos Technology .

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Some people chosen as volunteer leaders for the Olympic equestrian event on Saturday joined in a ceremony which kicked off the Hong Kong equestrian volunteer program. The leaders, who are fluent in Cantonese, mandarin Chinese and English, will take part in a two-day course to learn basic knowledge on the event. The volunteers will be deployed to a myriad of responsibility areas ranging from competition venues to translation to media support, said the organizers.

At the ceremony, the equestrian company’s chief executive officer Lam Woon-Kwong reminded the volunteer leaders that they should be aware that they are serving on the very front-line as goodwill ambassadors and that they are making part of the Olympic history. Each volunteer was given a “smile wristlet”, a token of their unity with other Chinese host cities. Following the ceremony, volunteers will receive some 80 hours of training, including residential training, which will be held in Pl Leung Kuk holiday camp in Sai Kung for two consecutive weekends in March.

In the first half of The Netherlands held the presidency of the European Union. StartupFest Europe was a great way to show the world that the West Coast of Europe is a hot bed for startups and innovation.

De ontwikkeling van de nog steeds jonge Belgische saxofonist Robin Verheyen Turnhout, kent een stormachtig verloop. Sinds hij zijn domicilie naar New York heeft verlegd, lijkt zijn spel er alleen maar beter op geworden. Zijn studie en de vele gigs in the Big Apple leggen hem bepaald geen windeieren. In vergelijking met die plaat is de Franse bassist Remi Vignolo vervangen door het Belgische supertalent Nic Thys, die een mooie diepe en ronde toon uit zijn contrabas weet te halen.

Daarmee is de internationale inbreng van het kwartet teruggebracht tot pianist Bill Carrothers. Wie zijn fluwelen en vaak tot melancholie stemmende toucher ooit heeft gehoord, weet dat die evenwel in goede handen is bij deze Amerikaan. Die aandacht mag voorbehouden blijven aan de voortreffelijke composities op dit album, op twee na alle afkomstig uit de koker van Robin Verheyen.

Van de happy uptempo opener ‘On The House’ en het bezwerende ‘Lamenting’ via het spannende miniatuur ‘Waves’ en het klassiek-achtige kleinood ‘Tree Line’ naar de intieme afsluiter ‘I Wish I Knew’ de enige standard op deze cd. In liefst negen van de elf nummers verkiest Verheyen de sopraansax boven de tenorsaxofoon. En inderdaad, juist op dat instrument klinkt hij zo prangend mooi, steeds op zoek naar die ultieme noot.

Soms voorzichtig kietelend, dan weer overtuigend en meeslepend.

A New Approach to Consumer Theory

Met de naam verandert uiteraard ook ons uiterlijk. Het symbool voor ons werk, het schaakpaard, heeft de veranderingen aan ons uiterlijk overleefd. Daarbij is een deel van het schaakveld gevoegd. Het veld is driedimensionaal verbeeld, zoals de politieke omgeving waarin wij opereren. Dat werk evolueert mee met de politiek, die steeds minder voorspelbaar wordt.

Startup Fest Europe was a week long festival of events that was kicked off on Tuesday 24 May. During this event in the historic heart of Amsterdam we have welcomed international keynote-speakers and facilitated match-making between investors and startup entrepreneurs from all .

Met de vaststelling van het verslag acht de commissie de openbare behandeling van het wetsvoorstel voldoende voorbereid. De voorzitter van de commissie, Van der Ham De griffier van de commissie, Franke 1 Wordt met de vier nieuwe actielijnen beoogd om tot een integratie van Economische Zaken en Landbouw te komen? De begroting omvat de volgende vier actielijnen: Nederland internationaal sterk positioneren: Ruimte bieden aan ondernemerschap en innovatie. Duurzame welvaart bevorderen, met oog voor mens en natuur.

Werken aan een toekomstbestendige landbouwproductie en energievoorziening. Met de vier actielijnen wordt inderdaad beoogd om de beleidsterreinen van Economische Zaken en Landbouw te integreren en de hoofdprioriteiten van het ministerie van Economische Zaken, Landbouw en Innovatie te markeren. Welke middelen kan de Tweede Kamer, indien gewenst, op een andere manier bestemmen dan u voorstelt? Taken volgens de Wet op de Kamers van Koophandel en de Handelsregisterwet:

Mei Matsumoto – 210

Weer een nieuwe bouillon: April 12th, Vorig jaar heb ik aan Wouter Klootwijk nog de vraag gesteld: Dit product is langzaam getrokken van Langoustines Noors Zeekreeftje, Nephrops norvegicus Opgevist uit de Noordzee, en via Zeeverse vismarkt Wieringen geleverd zodat wij er een prachtige zachtsmakende bouillon van kunnen trekken. De langoustine wordt gewaardeerd om zijn fijne zacht zoete schelpdierensmaak.

Door de ambachtelijke bereiding ontstaan avontuurlijke smaakvariaties.

Matchmaking Applications and Partitioning Strategies for Efficient Execution on Heterogeneous Platforms. April , Singapore, Singapore. [ Bibtex ] Kishor Chandra and Arjan W Doff and Zizheng Cao and R Venkatesha Prasad and Ignas G.M.M. Niemegeers ().

Middle Ages[ edit ] By , there were already wooden buildings on the site where Kampen is currently located. The name Kampen, however, is not mentioned until The city has had city rights since As a result of its convenient location on the busy trade route between the Zuiderzee and the Rhine , Kampen quickly developed from simple settlements into a prosperous trading town, to become one of the most powerful and leading cities of northwestern Europe.

In the 14th century, Kampen exchanged with the bishop of Utrecht , Jan van Arkel, the Mastenbroek polder against the right to increase the IJsseldelta. The silting up of the IJssel brought a gradual end to the prosperity of Kampen from on. For a long time Kampen did not want to sign a union and make economic and political concessions to other cities, as was usual in the Hanseatic League. When the County of Holland went to war with the Hanseatic League this situation came to an end: Kampen was originally more oriented toward the Baltic trade and commerce with the hinterland of the Rhine, and therefore in formally joined the Hanseatic League.

The city had much influence in the League; despite loud protests from the other towns in lower reaches of the IJssel and from other Hanseatic cities, the League agreed in to build a bridge over the river. With this bridge Kampen hoped to be able to develop closer relationships with the hinterland.

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