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The first such place was undoubtedly in San Francisco. Most writers note 1 agree that the earliest temple was in present-day Chinatown: Both are claimed to have existed since the early s. However, whether one accepts such claims depends on how one understands historical continuity. It is not enough to rely on secondary sources or oral tradition. It is also not enough just to cite primary sources which state that a temple dedicated to the same deity or sponsored by the same organization formerly existed in the same area as the present one, as is the case with both the Tin How and Kong Chow temples. Ideally, one wants to see continuous institutional records or an actual structure built for the original temple at the time of founding. As neither form of evidence is available in the case of the San Francisco temples, partly due to the earthquake and fire of , one must turn to another kind of proof:

Chapter 1. Reading for Meaning

It may shock, intrigue, seduce, or mind-melt the reader, but once read, he will want to know more. Here is an example: Nor does he know about her twin sister who now lies buried in the back yard. Do you think the reader is hooked? Do you think he will want to stick around a little longer to find out more?

The Meaning of this Incident for Peter and His Partners For Peter (and Andrew too, it seems), James and John, the three who will make up the inner circle of Jesus followers, this incident is a major turning point.

Changing conditions prompted us to cut the trip short and we made haste to get back to station. This iceberg and glacial edge were some of the last reference points I saw before the storm closed in on us. The tailwinds which facilitated our outbound journey turned into strong crosswinds on the return, blowing and drifting snow across the tracks we made on the way out. Even though I was wearing multiple layers of Extreme Cold Weather gear including a full-face helmet plus balaclava, hat, and mask, the cold nipped at my skin.

Motoring across the sea ice, we could no longer make out any geographical features along our path. Red and green flags trace routes deemed safe for travel, and black flags mark hazards. One stretch of our route had flags every 50 meters instead of the typical , but even that short interval became difficult to perceive in the white-out conditions. Initially I could distinguish ten flags in front of us, but visibility quickly dropped, bringing that range to four, then only one.

Two moments were particularly harrowing. One was when we encountered an area where a flag was missing, prompting us to creep along even more slowly until the next form revealed itself. With logic and luck we were able to sleuth it out. We made it back to town safely with all our fingers and toes. Lessons learned during this outing will not only apply to the remainder of my time in Antarctica but will be applicable to future endeavors.

As discussed during our Field Safety Training course, we must define activities and outcomes, identify possible hazards, mitigate risk exposure, develop a plan, reassess throughout the activity, and debrief to consider what could be improved for next time.

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Retrieved November 25th, , from https: A fishhook , a barbed metal hook used for fishing. Any of various hook-shaped agricultural implements such as a billhook That part of a hinge which is fixed to a post , and on which a door or gate hangs and turns. A loop shaped like a hook under certain written letters , e. A catchy musical phrase which forms the basis of a popular song. The song’s hook snared me.

Hook-up drawing is a detailed drawing showing typical installation of instrument in a correct manner so that instrument operates properly (gives accurate indication and prevent any issued which could potentially affect the measurement such as liquid trap in gas impulse line).

First of all, I agree that many fish, particularly insectivorous species, and the predatorial pelagic species , will tend to hit or strike at a bait, or more frequently, at a lure. While the word hit is reserved for the fish’s action in attacking a lure or bait, it should be noted that the word strike is also commonly used to describe the action of the fisherman in setting a hook.

With regard to Ron’s suggestion that the word “take” describes when the fish actually becomes hooked, I tend to disagree there, because when a fish takes a lure or bait, in other words, when it swims away with it in its mouth , it doesn’t necessarily hook itself hook up in the process. This concept is clearly demonstrated in what happens when a mulloway takes a live bait that you’ve set out on the appropriate rig.

The mulloway will take the live bait in its mouth and run with it for a short distance, before halting suddenly in order to chew the fish up a bit to incapacitate it , then flip the partly-chewed fish around such that it may swallow it head-first. It is only at this point, when the mulloway is just about to swallow its prey head-first, that you should strike at it in order to set your hook.

While the mulloway is running with the bait, you must always allow the line to free-spool; if you place any pressure whatsoever on the line at this point, the mulloway will feel the external input and immediately spit out your live bait. Moving on, when a fish becomes hooked, there are several descriptors that can be used to indicate where the hook has become lodged.

Ideally, you want the fish to be hooked through the mouth, with the hook entering on one side of the jawbone and exiting on the other side, thereby giving you a solid or firm hook-up. If the point of the hook does not pass around the jawbone, the fish is said to be lip-hooked, and you must be particularly gentle with it in order to avoid ripping the hook straight through the flesh and therefore, out of the fish while reeling it in.

If the fish has swallowed the hook, it can end up being either gill-hooked or gut-hooked, the latter occurring when the hook happens to set itself in the wall of the fish’s oesophagus or stomach. If the fish has been inadvertently hooked in any other part of its body, say through its eye, or in its shoulder , the fish is said to be foul-hooked.

Definition of ‘hook’

These meanings and symbolism are extremely important for you to know prior to having these tattoos on your body. Here are some of them that you should keep in mind: Protection —The number one thing is symbolizing is protection. Native Americans strongly believe that arrows are used in hunting wild animals and enemies.

The addition of up helps form new verbs, called prepositional or phrasal verbs. The meaning varies depending on the verb. Sometimes there is more than one meaning, often the meaning is entirely different from the verb alone.

Noah was the youngest of the 20 children and seven adults killed in one of the deadliest shootings in American history. When the medical examiner found Noah lying face up in a Batman sweatshirt, his jaw had been blown off. A week later, James Tracy , a professor at Florida Atlantic University, wrote a blog post expressing doubts about the massacre. State officials received anonymous phone calls at their homes, late at night, demanding answers: Why were there no trauma helicopters?

What happened to the initial reports of a second shooter? They still co-parent their daughters, who developed a fear of the dark after the shooting and asked Veronique to find a home in a gated community. Lenny, who has a goatee and a middle-aged paunch, lives by himself a few miles from Veronique.

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Omnidisciplinarianist 2, Can you cite something credible that says that up means “to a source or origin”? How would this differ from down as meaning the same? This link is to from the American Heritage Dictionary online. This is the reason why you see medical terminology using far more narrowly defined terms to describe location:

The word up can have literal spatial meaning with respect to a vertical or horizontal axis. To climb up a ladder. To walk up a ramp. To take the elevator or lift up to the 10th floor. We’re going up to London (destination). But it also has a more abstract figurative meaning, originating in the semantic realm of motion, specifically as it relates to the commencement or initiation of actions.

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You wander into the tackle shop to buy some hooks, and there in front of you is a huge array of sizes and variations. Well this is one market where hooks have mostly been developed to meet the real demands of different methods of fishing, and the type of fish targeted. So this article will try and de-mystify some main choices you may think about in front of the hook displays. Hook Sizes The numbers that define hook sizes can be confusing, but the system is really very simple.

Maui’s fish hook is an magical item that appears in Moana. It belongs to the demigod Maui. The fish hook is a sizable bone-like weapon created by the gods of Polynesian lore. It was given to Maui after the gods adopted the former and turned him into a demigod with supernatural power. It had.

No magic hook, no magic powers! It belongs to the demigod Maui. Contents [ show ] Background The fish hook is a sizable bone-like weapon created by the gods of Polynesian lore. It was given to Maui after the gods adopted the former and turned him into a demigod with supernatural power. It had since been used throughout his exploits and has considerable magical abilities. Like its owner, the fish hook has elaborate markings engraved on it, representing the various tales and adventures it has been used in.

According to Maui, he used the fish hook to slow down the sun itself, pull islands out of the sea, and battle colossal monsters.

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